Dominique Morel (Kay Garvey - 1993)

Type d'évènement: 
Date de l'exposition: 
30/04/1993 to 29/05/1993

The sculpture of Dominique Morel has been increasingly concerned with protection. The Canadian artist's earlier works were skeletal pieces, which were stripped down, revealing the bamboo armatures of indeterminate beings. Morel's newest body of sculptures, though concerned with the same issues, has taken on a new density. The work has become even more corporeal by creating shells containing inner cores. These outer shells are built up from a range of materials that attempt ta provide security from the world outside- riveted aluminum, sisal, wood. Taking the poetry of Ranier Maria Rilke as inspiration, Morel's most recent work gives form to the excerpt; "Long ago we knew, or perhaps we only suspected as much, that we contained our death like a fruit its pit".  Source : Communiqué de presse, Kay Garvey Gallery.


Lieu de l'exposition: 
Kay Garvey Gallery
230 West Superior
Chaicago , IL

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